Justicar Kayrana Lissa

Member since January 2002

Kayrana posing at EH Crown Quals in 2000

Mundane Name:
Doctor Esther Anderson (Strohmeyer)
First Amtgard Appearance: October 1989
First Appearance: August 12, 1975
Last Appearance: December 27, 2002
Knight of the Serpent (DS, March 1996)
Regent of Burning Lands (Fall 1995)
Defender (EH, Fall 2001)
Member House Morrigan
Member House Lionesse
Knight to Squire Darkangel of EH
Knight to Squire Exedor of DS
Overall Olympian (EH 1999)
Favorite Music: Sleepers Awake by J.S. Bach
Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock

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